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·  Relaxation

· · Improving Mood/Emotions

· · Exam/Test Nerves

· · Sports Performance

· · Anger/Irritation/Agitation/Blood Pressure

· · Confidence with Women/Men

· · Headaches/Tension

· · Pain Relief/Management/Control

· · Memory/Recall

· · IBS/Stomach Conditions

· · TMJ/Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)/Tinnitus

· · Low Mood/Depression

· · Habit Elimination/Reduction-Binge Drinking/Drogs/Nail Biting etc.

· · Healing past/present trauma PTSD

· · Behaviour Modification

· · Depression/Low Mood

· · OCD/Intrusive Thoughts

· · Relationship/Interpersonal Concerns

· · Child Birth

· · Stuttering/Stammering

· · Addictions/Compulsions · · And much more!

ProHypnosis Alternative Therapy, Essex

 Quite often we react to certain situations how we don’t want. We feel we cannot stop or change some behavior no matter how much we try or we don’t like it. This is happening because that behavior is fixed in our automatic – unconscious- mind. Hypnosis is the first hand tool to be used if we want to change it rapidly and effortlessly. Hypnosis it is a relaxed state of sharp awareness where you have access to your higher intelligence. You are in complete control at all times, you can hear everything that’s going on around you. You can open your eyes if you want but most likely you will feel so good that you probably won’t want to. In this state you can change the unwanted behavior becoming the person you want to be.

Hypnotherapy can be used for many ailments such as:

· · Weight Control/Weight Loss/Healthy Eating/Eating Issues

· · Fears & Phobias

· · Anxiety/Panic/Panic Attacks/Nerves/Over Thinking/Worry

· · Goal setting/Achievement

· · Money Worries

· · Stress Management/Reduction

· · Stop/Quit Smoking

· · Self Esteem/Inner Confidence

· · Sleep Difficulties

To arrange an appointment, or if it is anything else you would like to know, please do e-mail us at: info@prohypnosis.co.uk. You can also contact us at 07859897888.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Maria Cocis MSc, LCCH dip, BSc Psychology


Hypnosis is credited now more and more by classical sciences.

The British Psychological Society has now officially declared hypnosis a proven therapeutic medium to curb stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines. "Improvements from hypnosis can be as specific as eliminating erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, remaining committed to a workout plan, delivering a dynamic sales presentation—or as broad as improving motivation and increasing confidence," said psychologist and certified hypnotherapist Marty Lerman, Ph.D., author of Mindshift.

Also a Harvard study found that patients who underwent hypnosis during surgery had fewer complications and required shorter procedures and less post-op medication .

Celebrities including Matt Damon, Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, and Fergie have all been cited as using hypnotherapy for one reason or another: to stop smoking, improve focus, and lose weight. If they are using it to improve why you should not?

There's no universal licensing process for hypnotists—and since you don't want just anybody having their way with your brain—you need to do your homework before going under. Try looking for a licensed health professional—say, a psychologist or physician—who's been trained in hypnosis.

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